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Mechanical processing

Within the mechanical processing workshop of MIRFO, the activity takes place in a hall of 10.000 sqm, with a height under the bridge of 11.000 mm, equipped with 6 overhead travelling-cranes, up to 50 tons.

Milling is the most common operation. Within the section, milling is performed on:

  •  CNC Bohrwerks, with a diameter of the spindle up to 200mm, for machining parts of maximum 3.000 x 4.000 x10.000mm
  • Portal Milling Machines with distance between uprights of 2.200mm
  • CNC Machining Centers – >> max 700 x 1500 x 900mm – part size
  •  Universal Classic Milling Machines

Turning operations are equally important in the process of making mechanically processed products. Turning, within the mechanical processing section, is performed on:

  •   CNC parallel and classic lathes:

– Faceplate – Ømax 1000mm x 11.000mm

– Longitudinal – Ømax 680mm x L 14.000mm, 15 tone

  •   Carousel lathes – Ømax 2200mm

Grinding has an important role in obtaining surfaces with a high dimensional accuracy, essential for the component parts of the products made in MIRFO.

  •   Surface grinding: max 800x 4000 mm
  •   Internal cylindrical grinding: max Ø800x 1000 mm
  •   External cylindrical grinding: max Ø 600 x 4000 mm

Toothing, without which it is impossible to achieve gears, is executed in MIRFO up to size Ø max 2200 mm x M20.

Drilling – Threading are performed either on machine tools with numerical control, or on radial or spatial drilling machines with Ø max. of 80mm. Threading is performed on special threading machines, with mobile arm, within a radius of 3000mm.

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