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Romanian manufacturer of special machine tools offers high-quality services in the fields of machined metal constructions and mechanical processing by cutting.

THE UNIQUENESS and COMPLEXITY of the products DESIGNED within the Design Department of MIRFO, are the main strengths of the company. These are complemented by the creativity and faultless professionalism of the engineers from the MIRFO team.


Today, with our own team of DESIGNERS we are able to process complex documentation and execute works of HIGH QUALITY, ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES, and DEADLINES.

MIRFO products serve a large number of industries and fields of activity:


The seriousness and professionalism of the MIRFO team have been rewarded over the years with the trust given to MIRFO by large European companies in various industrial fields.

We pride ourselves on our long term partnerships and excellent cooperation that we have always ended successfully with renowned companies such as:

  •   AVURE/QUINTUS – Sweden
  •   IMECOLUX -Luxembourg
  •   DSD- Luxembourg
  •   NEFF, DOERST – Germany
  •   GROUP CIDEL – France
  •   Uzinele Dacia, TRW AUTOMOTIVE, VAE APCAROM – Romania.

In MIRFO we value:

  •   Engineering creativity
  •   High level of technicality of the production sections
  •   The experience
  •   Strict compliance with delivery deadlines and quality requirements


Along with the indispensable trio PRICE-QUALITY-DELIVERY TERMS, MIRFO, having its own Technical Department, MIRFO has the capacity to check and correct the errors in the technical documentation of the clients, bringing an extra guarantee to the quality of the final product.

The solutions proposed by our specialists are implemented after a prior negotiation, and only with the consent of the beneficiary, as we value greatly TRANSPARENCY in communication with the client.

We make unique products on universal machine tools!


In 1976, on the current location of the MIRFO TOOLS company, the largest factory in Gorj was opened. Its destination was the manufacture of MACHINE TOOLS for PRESSING AND FORGING. The total area of the initial company was about 250,000 sqm.

Over the years, complex equipment has been made in the MIRFO plant:

  •   Hydraulic presses;
  •   Mechanical presses;
  •   Hydraulic guillotine shears;
  •   Plastic injection machines;
  •   Various special machines.

Since the beginning of the plant’s activity, the products made in Targu-Jiu, Gorj, aimed at international markets. At that time, taking into account Romania’s diplomatic and trade relations, the main markets were the CAER markets: USSR, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria.


MIRFO has gathered an important track record of unique projects, which it can be proud of. Among them, we mention, the manufacture of a pipe bending machine MCT 1800, designed for bending pipes with a diameter of up to 1400mm, ≠ 60mm rotating arm cube. The project was a European premiere, the machine tool stretching on 70 mL, with a total weight of 500 tons.


Making an AIRCRAFT EDGE FORMATING MACHINE MFBA 1000, is another project that we feel connected to. The beneficiary is ROMAERO SA – Bucharest and the product made before 1989 in our company is still functional today, as a result of the modernization we carried out in 2005.

Continuing the series of special projects, in 2010, within MIRFO was produced a hydraulic pipe bending press of 3000TF, with a working surface of 5,000 × 6,000 mm, for Tectubi Raccordi S.P.A. Italy.

MIRFO – 30 years on the global market

Our company has been able to take full advantage of the moment of 1989. So, since 1990, MIRFO has successfully entered the global profile market, overcoming CAER barriers.

Between 1990-2000 – sales expanded to South America through a Romanian-Colombian joint venture. Markets in Western Europe (UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain), as well as other markets around the world (Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, and the USA), were won one by one.

After 2002, the market was oriented mainly towards Western Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg), but there have been collaborations with US beneficiaries also.

MIRFO keeps up with the times

In the last decades, the share of WELDED AND PROCESSED MECHANICAL STRUCTURES made in the plant has increased substantially. These are done either after the documentation of the external partners or based on MIRFO’s own projects.

This new commercial trajectory has led to the wide diversification of manufacturing, but also of the technologies used. Step by step, we started CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting; MIG-MAG, WIG, and TIG welding, as well as mechanical processing on CNC machining machines. MIRFO Technical Service has always met the requirements and demands of our partners.

MIRFO is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing demands of the market.

If you want industrial solutions ... We are available for you