The welded metal fabrication workshop carries out its activity in a hall of 6.000sqm, equipped with four overhead cranes, with a maximum capacity of 50 tons.

In order to optimize production times and technological routes, in the production units we use truck transport equipment, along with a mobile platform between sections with a maximum load of 80 tons.

Cutting on CNC machines, is made up to maximum:

  •   250x3000x6000 mm Oxifuel
  •   16x3000x6000 mm Plasma

Mechanical cutting is possible up to a maximum of 13 × 3.000 and Ø320mm.

Bending is performed on sheet metal bending presses, for parts of maximum L 4.000 mm x 250 t.f.

MIRFO has specialized in a wide range of welding processes, such as MIG-MAG / WIG and TIG, with authorized welders for all welding processes performed in the company.

The quality of the welds made within the department is verified by visual control, by penetrating liquids, but also by magnetic powders or US.

Sandblasting is performed in an enclosure of 4.000 × 6.000 × 12.000 mm, using blasting and grid.

MIRFO can achieve the stress relieving treatment for the products that require this process in two ways:

  •  Thermal – in an enclosure of 4000x 6000x 8000 mm, for a maximum quantity of 80 t / batch.
  •  Through vibrations

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